Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Green Heron

Green Heron (Héron vert) Butorides virescens
Waterloo, ON
17 August 2014

     The favoured habitat of Green Heron is a small wetland or swamp and the miniscule wetland on Beaver Creek Road in Waterloo seems to fit the bill perfectly. I see this species at this location more frequently than at any other suitable area that I check. This is not to say that the bird is easy to detect, especially at this time of the year, when the vegetation is dense and an individual can blend into its surroundings very easily.

     Throughout its North American range the species is widespread, but it is relatively uncommon in this, the northern part of its range.
      I was fortunate to see at least two individuals and I suspect that three were present although I cannot be sure. To add to my good fortune one of these birds, and possibly a second one, since they were quarrelsome and chasing each other, perched in the open giving me a clear line of sight through the vegetation. I would have liked to have had the bird a little closer, but you have to take what you can get, and these pictures are quite reasonable, I believe.

     Last year I saw juveniles at this location but so far this year all the birds have been adults. I'll continue to check!


  1. A pleasing encounter. They remind me of a juvenile Nankeen Night-Heron in plumage. Your photos are better than I managed of these birds in Costa Rica.

  2. Fab shots! I wonder if I can talk Hubbers into a trip to Beaver Creek Road!

  3. Very nice shots David. What I notice about this species is its quite smalll size yet tremendously sturdy legs and feet. It reminds me of the Striated Herons I saw in Egypt.

  4. Beautiful heron.. Nice pics.. Greetings

  5. Beautiful! I like herons a lot...have only seen one here this year

  6. I do rather like Herons (in general), even if their eating habits do go against the grain a little with me. These are great images of a species I'd love to see and photograph - maybe one day I'll get the opportunity!

  7. Hi David!
    WOW, these pics are formidable!
    That is one of the north american species we don't have here, a gorgeous little heron!
    Quite amazing how they can perch on any kind of branch!
    I hope you are well, here the weather is worsening, the cold has become quite unbearable.... :(
    Hugs For the both of you, enjoy your weekend!

  8. Beautiful pictures of this beautiful bird.
    Greetings Tinie

  9. Fantastic pictures, especially that last one! We have an almost identical species in Australia that I believe this one used to be considered conspecific with, but I've never managed a shot as good as this!

  10. Fantastic pictures of this special heron. So beautiful !
    Best regards, Synnöve

  11. Really beautiful pictures of this Green Heron.
    In the Netherlands we do not have a green heron. But I have now placed a young heron that almost does not exist in the Netherlands and even on the red list.
    Beautiful pictures of your green heron. Sharp, crisp and very nice color.

  12. Hello David,
    Beautiful photos of the Green Heron.
    Good information as well.
    Best regards, Irma


  13. You can meet him on the water and in Poland-)