Sunday, 24 August 2014

Fossils and Gulls at Craigleith

Craigleith, ON
18 August 2014

     The stretch of shoreline of Lake Huron around Craigleith is well known for the trove of fossils to be found there, and since the two youngest grandchildren were staying with us for a couple of days we decided to make a day trip there. Both Will and Eddie love the outdoors and Will especially is very much into anything ancient and a fossil hunt had great appeal.
     We were fortunate to meet a very engaging fellow there who clearly had great expertise with fossils and he was happy to answer all of the kids' questions about what they were finding. In the picture below his back is facing the camera and Miriam is off to the right.

     It didn't take long for Will and Eddie to change into their bathing suits and get into the water.

Will at left, Eddie at right

     And here are just a few of the fossils they found.

     In terms of bird life there was little other than Ring-billed Gulls Larus delawarensis who were well attuned to the rich food supply to be gleaned from the throng of beach goers. And on this warm sunny day, already getting towards the fading days of summer, there was no shortage of them. 
     These pictures remind us what a truly handsome species it is. I am sure that, like most larids around the world, it is seriously under-appreciated.


  1. We were there with our grandson earlier in the summer. No gulls then, but a mixed group of canada Geese and their goslings - nearly 20 goslings altogether.

  2. What a fun day out! Handsome boys, and it looks like they had a blast! Great gull shots, I like gulls.

  3. Extremely interesting fossils and very informative tour.

  4. Beautiful pictures David.
    The fossils are beautiful.
    The Ring-billed Gulls are not in the Netherlands.
    Really beautiful gulls they are.

  5. It looks like a great day out, and good that the boys enjoyed the fossils and that they like the out of doors. I enjoyed seeing Ring-billed Gulls in San Francisco, partly because they were easy to work out with regard to species!

  6. Splendour photos, nice to see fossils
    Greetings Tinie

  7. Oh dear, David! You're now giving me one more reason to come to Canada, and it's not the gulls (I'm not really a gull fan)! I recognise the Trilobite tails, but I'm not sure about the other items.

    It looks as if you all had a splendid time by Lake Huron.

    Best wishes from an unseasonably cold and wet UK

  8. I love fossils too!
    What a great day you, Miriam and the boys must have had!
    quite a different post fro m the others!
    Hugs to you both!

  9. You just reminded me David that I need to look moe carefully at all gulls this autumn and winter. Here on the west Ring-bills can and do turn up, but Ireland often gets in the way.
    Fossils are indeed both fascinating and educational and even better to have someone knowledgable on hand to explain each one.

  10. You say they have found only a few fossils, but I would go with one fossil already a hole in the sky jump !!! You gulls are also very beautifully photographed.
    Greetings, Helma