Monday, 24 March 2014

Red-and-Yellow Barbet Trachyphonus erythrocephalus
Yabello Area, Ethiopia
19 January 2014

    In all we experienced ten species of African Barbet, most of them seen on only a few days when we travelled in their preferred habitat. Red-and-Yellow Barbet is a dry country specialist and I have included a couple of pictures at the end to show the kind of terrain in which we found them. The termite mounds are especially important since they are used for nesting and roosting tunnels.


  1. Beautiful Red-and-Yellow Barbet, and the termites hills, superb.

  2. What a beautiful and original bird ! Really amazing photos !

  3. Ten ptak ma przepiękne kolory:)

  4. It is a beautiful bird and it has unusual nesting place.
    Great shots!
    Greetings :-)

  5. That Barbet looks like a cross between a woodpecker and a kingfisher, David! Beautiful images - and I didn't realise that turmite mounds could be that red. Fabulous!

    1. Barbets are in the family Picidae, Richard, and the whole area around Yabello was red soil.

  6. Its a family I haven't met yet, but they are obviously colourful and adaptable . The soil reminds me of central Australia, as do the termite mounds. Our Buff-breasted Kingfisher and two parrots at least also nest in termite mounds.

  7. A family I've yet to meet, but which sound interesting, and at least this one, look attractive. The red soil reminds me the our red centre in Australia. We have two parrots and a kingfisher at least that nest in termite mounds.

  8. Fantastic to have been able to shoo this Barbet!
    African landscapes wouldn't be "african" without termite mounts!
    I remember huge amounts of large termites taking off for their nuptial flight just after a heavy rain. We had to shut doors and windows fast.... and then tens of birds would rush in for the feast!
    I just love all these posts of yours, you are really bringing up as many memories! ;-)