Sunday, 23 March 2014

Ring-billed Gull Larus delawarensis
22 March 2014

    Yesterday I attended the Annual Meeting of the Ontario Chapter of the Eastern Bluebird Society, held at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, and during the lunch break took advantage of a half hour to spare to get down to the waterfront in Hamilton.
    Ring-billed Gull is far and away the most common gull in this part of the world; hence it often escapes our attention. It is now in wonderful, crisp, clean, breeding plumage and is really a handsome bird indeed. Yesterday the birds, were vocal, quarrelsome at times, all the while posturing and courting with all the passion stirred by their hormonal state at this time of year.
    Amidst all the posts of birds from Ethiopia, which are exotic to us of course, it seems entirely appropriate to insert a post of this familiar, but no less impressive, resident of southern Ontario.


  1. Just brilliant shots David. Most people tend to ignore gulls and it really winds me up when I hear them referred to as "seagulls" when as birders we know how different, unique and beautiful each species is. A man after my own heart, slipping out in the lunch break to bird.

    From your Southern Softy Pal in the cold and dreary Spring of the UK.

  2. Beautiful, this one we have in Sweden too

  3. Splendor series, clear and sharp.

    Groetjes Tinie

  4. Once upon a time there's nothing I wrote and did not visit blogs watchlist.
    A lot of you have published lately, in the year you see a thousand species of birds :)


  5. Great photos of these gulls.

  6. Gulls are challenging in more ways than one! Nice shots of a bird I met recently in California.

  7. Great proximity to this very beautiful gull!
    Well done!