Thursday, 4 December 2014

Redhead (Fuligule à Tête Rouge) on Lake Ontario

Mississauga Sailing Club
Mississauga, ON
4 December 2014


      The Redhead Aythya americana is a relatively large diving duck, sometimes confused with the larger Canvasback Aythya valsinaria,  but it is in all plumages smaller, darker and shorter necked than a Canvasback.

It always seems to bring a special sense of joy when Redheads start to appear on Lake Ontario and today I was very happy to locate this small group.

They were feeding on abundant Zebra mussels and no doubt have now taken up residence for the winter. I will look forward to visiting with them often.


  1. Great series on the ducks! The redhead is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful series of these beautiful ducks.
    Nice weekend, greetings Tinie

  3. great :)
    And marvelous water ...

  4. A great looking duck with its reddish wig!! Could compete with some women! LOL!
    Keep well both of you, hugs from France!

  5. Beautiful series images of these ducks, David.
    Photo 8 is my favorite.
    Best regards, Irma

  6. Good morning David. I rather like the French name you quote, a title which gives the species the touch of class it obviously has.

    Our equivalent Pochard Aythya ferina has gone strangely scarce in recent years (what species hasn't?) and I hope yourRedhead and Canvasback don't suffer the same fate.

  7. Hi David,
    These are really beautiful pictures Pochard. Beautifully sharp and crisp and the colors are beautiful to behold. I hope to photograph this table ducks also agree:-)
    Sincerely, Helma

  8. Cute pictures of ducks. I like them. :)

  9. Beautiful, I have not encountered such :-)

    Greets :-)