Sunday, 23 November 2014

Recent Bird Sightings

Waterloo County, ON

     The recent cold snap which was felt over much of the continent has ended, at least in this area, and we now have grey skies and rain. I very much prefer cold temperatures and snow! Right now the snow is turning to slush and in some areas there is danger of flooding.
     Despite the weather, I have managed a few interesting shots, principal among them this gorgeous little American Tree Sparrow Spizella arborea which was feeding on the seeds of weedy plants near Creekside Church.

     This hardy species breeds in the far north, on the taiga and tundra, nesting in dwarf willow, stunted birch or spruce. Following the breeding season it migrates south and spends the winter at our latitude. One of the favourite pieces of art that I have is of a single individual perched on a branch, almost devoid of leaves - a sure sign that fall has arrived.
     As might be expected our bird feeders have been well-patronized of late, and the following image shows an adult House Finch Haemorhous mexicanus at the left and a juvenile at the right.

     Here you see the little feather tufts on the juvenile's head, the last remnants of its down.

     American Goldfinches Pinus tristis are regulars; some have not yet lost all of their yellow breeding plumage.

     This shot illustrates the size difference between American Goldfinch and House Finch.

     Dark-eyed Juncos Junco hyemalis can always be counted on to snag the seeds dropped onto the ground by the other birds.


  1. Splendor photos, n1 is a favorite for me.
    Greetings Tinie

  2. Wonderful photos ! It is wonderful to watch the birds while eating !
    Happy Sunday !

  3. Great collection of birds and photos. My favorite is the first Tree Sparrow!

  4. That Tree Sparrow is a beautiful sparrow. I like the Junco too as it's a bird I've seen!

  5. Hello David!
    We are back from another trip to Le Teich with plenty of thoughts for you!
    We usually think of sparrows as dull birds but this American tree sparrow is such a beauty!
    We only have the usual tits for now at our feeders but winter here has still not begun seriously.
    I hope nature has not suffered too much with this snow where you are, we follow the weather news in north America like hawks since we get those depressions about 9 to 10 days later!
    Hugs to both of you :)

  6. Hello from Poland :)
    Great pictures! I fell in love with in the first picture. Yours :)

  7. Hello David,
    Beautiful different birds.
    The first one is my favorite.
    Best regards, Irma

  8. Wow, David, your American Tree Sparrows are rather more colorful than our Tree Sparrows!

    Sorry to hear that your weather is turning wetter, even if milder. We're swinging the other way. It's been the first crisp dry sunny day today for a few weeks, and the temperature has dropped by about 6 degrees - wonderful!

    With best wishes - - - Richard

  9. Slush isn't fun, David. I hope your area doesn't get flooded. Great pictures. The difference in size of the finches is amazing. The American Tree Sparrow is my favorite. Greetings from the Netherlands, Joke

  10. Hello David,
    with you, there was really a lot of snow and cold. Here in the Netherlands, very little frost on the car windows and more (yet). Beautiful birds and the American Tree Sparrow I find amazing to see. Also you finches and the putter are quite fun and photographed beautifully clear:-)

  11. Jest już u Ciebie zima i trzeba pomagać ptakom. Śliczne do twojego karmnika przyleciały. Pozdrawiam.
    It's already in the winter and you have to help the birds. Cute arrived to your feed trough. Regards.

  12. Good pictures :) I also like your feeder :)

    Greets :)

  13. your photos are captivating also well-photographed
    liked it!