Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Hamerkop Scopus umbretta
12 January 2014

    Unique among birds, Hamerkop is placed in its own monotypic family. I had seen this species before going to Ethiopia, but only in flight, and I was anxious to get better looks at it. That proved to be very easy, for the bird was commonly found at many locations on our journey through Ethiopia.
    I saw one pair engaged in the construction of the giant nest for which the species is renowned and which is often shared with birds of prey.
    Hamerkop has been the stuff of legend, often being considered magical or even sinister, but there is little evidence of persecution.
    It certainly is a very interesting species to observe.

Hamerkop Nest


  1. What an interesting looking bird!

  2. Beautiful photos of this Hamerkop.
    This species is not in the Netherlands.

  3. Oooooohhh!
    You got the famous Hamerkop!
    I saw it a few times in SA but was never able to take decent picture!
    I am surprised to discover it can be seen in Ethiopia!
    Not only a rare site but great photos David!

  4. Amazing looking bird with a unique name.Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.

  5. The name literally means Hammerhead. Apt name don't you think?

  6. What an unusual bird is the hammerhead David!
    Great that we can see. Them in this way with you