Monday, 5 August 2013

Tranquility on the Mill Race, St. Jacobs

Tranquility on the Mill Race
St. Jacobs, ON
5 August 2013

    Here we are in August, the dog days of summer for birding, and the Mill Race, quite predictably, was pretty quiet this morning. It is in any season, however, a delightful walk and many people were taking advantage of a fine summer's morning.

Mallards basking
Oscar's Bench

    Oscar Martin is a bit of a Mill Race Legend. He was born within a very short distance of the Conestoga Dam end of the trail and walked the Mill Race every day for most of his life. He died in his nineties a couple of years ago and this bench commemorates his impact on all who met him. He never let anyone pass by without a friendly word and part of the enjoyment of a walk along the Mill Race was chatting with Oscar. I don't think he will ever be forgotten.


  1. Been to St. Jacobs many times, but never walked the millrace.

  2. Something to put in your bucket list!