Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Western Osprey

Western Osprey, Pandion haliaetus
12 July 2011
Ospreys have made a fine comeback after many years of being under severe threat from the insidious effects of organochlorine pesticides and other noxious chemicals. This pair is nesting along the Grand Valley Trail in Bloomingdale, ON. One picture shows nesting material being delivered to an already occupied nest; it is perhaps part of ongoing pair-bonding activity to keep the nest constantly refurbished. The second picture shows a large fish being delivered to the sitting partner.


  1. Your blog is beautiful. I love that you find beauty and interest in every bird, common or rare. I have a question--what makes the osprey pictured in this posting a western osprey? I would love to read any insight you could provide. Many kind thanks!

  2. I follow the taxonomy of the International Ornithologists'Union (IOC). Osprey was split in 2004 I believe. The Western Osprey is the most common cosmopolitan form. Eastern Osprey Pandion cristatus, morphologically different and smaller, is found from Sulawesi to Australia, Solomon Is. and New Caledonia.