Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Cruelty Thy Name is April

6 April 2016
Waterloo, ON

     Although it is not unheard of to get a little snow in April in southern Ontario the past couple of days have been ridiculous. From overnight Sunday into Monday we received about 20 cm and today it is snowing heavily with another 3 to 5 cm predicted. All of the little green shoots poking up through the soil have been buried beneath their white blanket, the meal worms I put out covered and no doubt frozen solid by now.
     From our bedroom window I photographed this American Robin Turdus migratorius hunkered down in the maple tree, looking thoroughly dejected by this turn of events.

     It seems to be pleading with me to do something about it.

     And to think that this time last week I was basking in the warm sunshine of Cuba, I may have to check the internet for a good deal and go right back there!


  1. Much of our snow from that system has melted here in T.O. (nonetheless more on the way as I speak!) but all the green shoots seem to have survived nicely and the big flock of robins in the neighbourhood were here in the yard feasting on shrivelled rose hips that the additional freeze no doubt render extra sweet and rich. They honestly made them seem so delicious I was tempted to go out and try one!

  2. Gorgeous shots of the Robin! Have a happy day!

  3. Hi David.

    Lovely little bird, beautiful color.
    Beautiful pictures.

    Groettie from Patricia.

  4. Hi David.
    It looks like a Christmas Card,two lovely shots.

  5. Late snow keeps you from getting too soft!

  6. Beautiful pictures of the American Robin. Yes, David, it's hard to live in Canada.
    A lot of space, beautiful nature and sometimes a lot of snow. (I'm joking.)
    I hope it will be soon over and that there's no harm done to the nests/eggs.
    Gr Jan W

  7. Hello. Amazing photos. Best regards.

  8. :) What a wonderful opportunity for snow photos:) I know I want it gone but remember the hot, sweaty mosquito summer is just around the corner:)

  9. Love the photos. I never relax until we know that the final frost is over sometimes in May!!! Keep warm. Diane

  10. Beautiful shots of the Robin !!

  11. Beautiful American Robin !!! Although it's warmer in Cuba, Canada is much nicer. David a big hug from Spain, where spring has arrived.

  12. You're anthropomorphizing there a bit David!

  13. Sweet little bird and the look on it's face says it all.
    Visited your Cuba post.

  14. Looks like you copied our weather David. We had rain, hailstones and wind for two days and "spring" has taken a back seat.

    I remember a couple of freezing mornings at Long Point and thast was early May!

    Hang on in there.

  15. Beautiful images, and I am sorry about the weather.

  16. Great picture David, this bird is very beautifull. Where is sun ? ;-)

  17. I hope by now the snow has melted David. This is indeed not fair for all those birds and animals.
    The photos are wonderful.

  18. At my place fortunately, it is already warmer. I'm not going to look at the snow! Time for spring :)
    Beautiful shot, really, I like very much!

  19. So sorry to hear about your snow - and yes from the look on this lovely bird's face he does look a little fed up.

    Bring on the warmer temperature!

    All the best Jan

  20. Damn that keyboard. F is for Fiat. I'm skint. Poor as a pauper.

  21. Dearest David,
    Yes, in Dutch there is a saying: April does what it will and it can change from one moment to the next. We have sunny but very windy weather here, not yet completely spring. But birds are nesting and making happy noises.
    Lovely photos!

    1. It was minus ten overnight but is finally supposed to start warming up next week. Hallelujah!

  22. Olá, David!
    Por aqui, em pleno Outono, temperatura de 30oC, mas as noites e madrugadas já bem refrescantes!
    Tenho um amigo brasileiro que reside em Hamilton. Parece que lá anda por volta dos 3oC. Eu não suportaria tanto frio!

  23. Prachtige foto's David.
    Fijn weekend, groetjes Tinie

  24. Hi David, super images of the robin, can understand his look. Bet you wish you had stopped in Cuba. Regards John

  25. Snow in April and then also 20 cm !!!!
    I missed the snow in the Netherlands, but I'm glad now hot spring :-)
    Beautiful picture of this American robin. Especially one picture is really great!