Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Today's Feeder Birds

Waterloo, ON
19 November 2014

     There's nothing quite like a good snowfall and cold temperature to increase the traffic at the bird feeders. Today was no exception. It was rarely that we looked out to find no birds present.
     This handsome male Northern Cardinal secured a place at one of the feeders and fed for quite some time before flying away. He should be well fortified for a while.

     Dark-eyed Juncos Junco hyemalis tend to feed primarily on the ground, but at least one male and one female seem to have become accustomed to taking their place at the feeders. These pictures are of the male.

     A White-breasted Nuthatch Sitta carolinensis has become a regular of late and visits the feeder in rapid bursts. It quickly gets food, either eats it immediately, or more often flies off with it to cache it under the bark of nearby trees. In short order it returns to repeat the process.

     This Mourning Dove Zenaida macroura was perched in the birch tree, puffed up against the wind, waiting for enough seeds to have been scattered on the ground to make it worthwhile to land and eat.

     This squirrel had the same idea and seemed to be finding lots of seed buried beneath the snow.


  1. Cardinals are such beautiful birds, and especially in snow!

  2. Great shots! Nice to see the "regulars" back! I have never seen a junco on a feeder David! The ones here ground (or fence) feed.

  3. The Cardinal wins first prize for 'most spectacular, but the Junco and Nuthatch vie for the title of 'most handsome' as far as I'm concerned! How about swapping garden birds for a month, David? Sorry, but I still can't throw in Hedgehog as a sweetener :- (

    Best wishes to youi both - - - Richard

  4. Well David,these are beautiful images,great to see,I'm with Richard the Cardinal is without doubt the Star of the show.

  5. Beautiful birds get at the feeding.
    Nice to see.
    Greetings Tinie

  6. Beautiful series of photographs David.
    The squirrel in the snow is great.
    Birds are also very nice, especially the cardinal.

  7. Wow, you have incredible visitors at your feeder, especially the Red Carnal. What a beauty. Great series, David. We don't have winter yet. Greetings from the Nederlands, Joke

  8. Oh dear!
    This Cardinal is soooo gorgeous, what lovely shots!
    I love the squirrel, wish these guys could come to my feeder!
    Well done David, I love the humor in previous post!!!!

  9. I'm jealous of this beautiful red cardinals. These birds we do not have in the Netherlands. Also your other birds are very special and I've never seen. The squirrel now seeks its food in the feeders by the cold. Beautiful pictures David. Compliment!

  10. Interesting species, great :)