Wednesday, 8 October 2014

American Goldfinches (Chardonnerets jaunes) Feeding on Coneflowers

Waterloo, ON
8 October 2014

     Over the past few years we have pretty much naturalized our garden and virtually every flower in there is a perennial. In fact, this year we did not plant any annuals at all. It is great fun to watch the succession of blooms from early spring right up until the fall. 
     We have a couple of species of coneflower and we always look forward to the time of year when finches, especially American Goldfinches Spinus tristis, feed on the seeds.

     The birds are well advanced in their moult towards definitive basic plumage when they will be a drab olive until the spring, but as the following pictures show there are still patches of yellow.

     First there were two birds feeding on the seeds.

     Then there were three.

     And then there were four.


  1. Great photos David, my compliments.
    My favorite are pictures 2,3 and 5.

  2. Some great close-ups David. Although they may not be in the full flush of summer, their subtle autumn colours are actaully very lovely.

    Wish our UK Goldfinches were so confiding - very hard to approach, especially as a flock of many eyes.

  3. That's quite the gathering of finches. They are a gorgeous little bird. Great captures!

  4. Lovely and healthy guys you've got here :)
    Goldfinches are probably my favorite passerine birds since I raised a few when I was a kid...
    You did very well with these close-ups, wouldn't mind to see more!! ;-)
    Un fuerte abrazo!!!

  5. Cudowny blog ,a zdjęcia wyjatkowe.Pozujące ptaki bardzo fotogeniczne,pozdrawiam.

  6. What a wonderful and beautiful clear pictures of this finch. I ehb this flag but never seen how beautiful he is. Really one very big compliment for this beautiful oil pictures