Saturday, 11 October 2014

American Coots (Foulques d'Amérique) on Lake Ontario

Burlington, ON
9 October 2014

     While abundant over much of the continent, American Coot Fulica americana is present here only in relatively small numbers. This little posse was discovered in Burlington swimming in a sheltered bay close to the shore.

     Many of the other species on shore seemed to be engaged in a group preening event.
     Only two Trumpeter Swans Cygnus buccinator were present and both were cleaning and rearranging their feathers. It is safe to say that they will soon be joined by many of their congeners and by early winter a couple of hundred will grace the bay.

     Not to be outdone, Mute Swans Cygnus olor were equally attentive to their toilet.

     And who can blame a stunning drake Mallard Anas platyrynchos for wanting to look his best?


  1. Great series and photos of the Coots, Swans and the Mallards! Happy weekend!

  2. Beautiful pictures of the coot, swans and ducks, David.
    Perfect photographed, my compliments.
    I wish you a very good weekend.

  3. Love the Trumpeter Swans, they are superb.

  4. Our Whoopers can whoop it up but I know those Trumpeter Swans have an equally wonderful sound when assembled as an orchestra.Something to look forward to david.

  5. Hello David!
    Quite a while since I've seen any coots!
    I hope to see them and others shores birds next week at Le Teich and the surrounding beaches and mudflats :)
    Lovely pictures, one more swan with a tag!!
    Funny how these mallards spend so much time preening!!
    Enjoy your weekend and hugs to you and Miriam :)

  6. Splendour pictures David, nice to see.
    Greetings Tinie

  7. Gorgeous creatures and beautiful pictures !

  8. David, your photos swans and ducks are just beautiful. Thank you for this amazing post. Greetings for you.

  9. I see lots of coots and we have too.
    But why has that big yellow sun swan seal number ???
    In the Netherlands, they do so with the sheep and cows but not among swans!