Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Insect Successes

Fields of Goldenrod and
Nectar for Everyone!
7 September 2014

     At Princess Point in Hamilton, Goldenrod was in full bloom in meadows where it has been left undisturbed. Not surprisingly, this bonanza provided copious amounts of pollen and the insect pollinators were hard at work, collecting nectar and in the process doing the important work of pollination.

     As has been noted in a recent post I was delighted to see a couple of Monarch butterflies at Grass Lake. I was even more delighted to see many, many more hovering over the field of gold, and landing and feeding at will. It was indeed encouraging to be able to glance around and see Monarchs in all directions. There was still nothing to rival the swarms of yesteryear, but it was wonderful to see more than I have seen in several years.
     It truly is a vision of beauty and set against the panoply of gold seemed ever more serene.

     This grasshopper was numerous also, and is probably in the genus Melanoplus, but I have been unable to identify it as to species. If anyone can help please leave a comment below.

     What was also very heartening indeed was the sheer number of Common Eastern Bumblebee Bombus impatiens all impressively laden with pollen. They looked for all the world as though they were toting saddlebags! 

     In addition, there were numerous flies, damselflies, butterflies and other insects and it seemed for a moment that a small corner of virgin wilderness had been created in an urban centre. If one closed one's eyes the sheer buzz of insect sound was music to the ears, a true symphony of nature.


  1. Your photos are excellent !This is an unusual pleasure to watch the world of beautiful insects !

  2. Hi David,
    Beautiful series of photos.
    The Monarch Butterfly I find really sublime.

  3. I like goldenrod very much :) It grows in my garden :).
    Poland is beautiful. Thank you for your visit to my blog.

  4. Love the Monarchs,brilliant captures.

  5. Hi friend!!!. Fantastic macro.. The Monarch butterfly are really beautiful.. Cheers..

  6. Beautiful macro, especially the Grasshopper.

  7. How wonderful to read such good news!
    I wish I could report the same, unfortunately insects here are disappearing fast.
    Congratulations for the Monarch, what a beauty!
    Love to the both of you and many thanks for your lovely mail, I will answer ASAP!!!

  8. So hee ...... what do you have that butterfly photographed beautifully. Photo 2 is truly visionary in itself to see. Also you grasshopper is very nice on you like bees or bumblebees. Lovely colors too.

  9. Really wonderful photography.

  10. Merci de nous faire partager ces informations concernant le Monarque, papillon mythique pour nous autres Européens. J'ai la chance de le voir à Fuerteventura où il est sédentaire.Ce fut un moment mémorable!
    Un coin de fleurs sauvages et la vie explose. Les bourdons avec leurs énorme récolte de pollen sont amusants à observer!
    Je vais lire avec plaisir vos publications ornithologiques!