Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Steel-blue Cricket Hunter

Steel-blue Cricket Hunter Chlorion aerarium
29 June 2014

    This is my third post in a row not devoted to birds. What is happening to me!
    In any event, we were sitting out on the patio having lunch when we detected this insect and neither of us could remember having seen it before. As far as I can tell from checking the reference material I have, it is a Steel-blue Cricket Hunter. If anyone can either confirm or refute this, I would be grateful if they would leave a comment below.
    The one aspect of its observed behaviour that does not seem to jibe with the identification I have made, is that it was paying great attention to a couple of spider webs. If it is a species of spider wasp, I have been unable to locate anything in my books resembling it.
    Regardless, it was an interesting insect to watch.


  1. Très bel insecte que je ne crois pas connaître!

  2. How amazing that kinked abdomen is. A strange bug indeed, David.

  3. OK, I won't scold you this time! LOL!!
    I was saying that this photo is very graphic (funny how I have a feeling of writing this twice before!! Hihi!!) and that this wasp lays its eggs in live crickets and leaves them in burrows dug in the ground.
    The metallic blue tinge is very beautiful.
    I still haven't figured who of you or Google is the culprit! :)
    YES... yippeeeeeee, 12 days to go!!

  4. Gosh David, this is the third time I have tried to comment. I think it's Blogger not you.
    It's a beautiful colour, I've seen similar ones here, but not as blue.

  5. Beautiful insect with a nice blue color.
    Perfect photographed, David.

  6. Hi David,
    these is a wonderful blue bug. I like the form of his body and this fabulous color. Amazing ! Best regards, Synnöve

  7. Lol ... it's still fun to also encourage birds to photograph than something else. I like these insects also like to see pictures :-)