Monday, 9 December 2013

Crows Just Hangin' Out on a Cold Winter's Day

American Crow Corvus brachynchos
Waterloo, ON
9 December 2013

    Winter seems to have come early this year, and today is a cold, snowy day with high winds and very strong gusts. The air temperature is a relatively mild minus one degree C, but the wind adds a substantial chill to the air. Many of these crows were fighting the sudden shifts in the wind as they navigated through the air. 
    I estimated that in total there were about three hundred individuals congregating together as they dealt with the inclement weather we all have to face today.


  1. With you is really a lot of snow, and so reading it is quite cold. The birds will have to compete for the winter to come.

  2. it can't be easy finding food in the snow. Lovely photos David. In comparison, it was about 38 degrees celcius on the east coast Australia today

  3. I think I prefer the snow Carole. On the coldest day in the winter you can dress appropriately and stay warm but when it's 38 degrees you can't escape the heat.

  4. It looks really cold where you are and these crows look quite miserable!
    Strange they flock together instead of searching for food!

    About the buzzards, we have many in France, it is forbidden to shoot them.
    They do a great job in getting us rid of rodents in the countryside!
    Cheers David!

  5. Your crows seem to have just the same habits as ours do in winter, joining together in a search for food. Seems like you have a good population too just like we do. Don't send that snow this way though if you don't mind.


  6. Common birds, ravens are also and my vicinity :)

    Greets from Poland