Saturday, 7 December 2013

American Coot

American Coot Fulica americana
LaSalle Park and Marina
Burlington, ON
7 December 2013

    American Coot is a rare winter resident in southern Ontario with most breeding populations moving far to the south of our area. LaSalle Park is one location where, for the last several winters at least, this species can be regularly found in small numbers, surviving even the coldest of winter temperatures.

    The individual shown below appeared to have broken or otherwise seriously injured one leg and it was having a great deal of difficulty moving on land and did not even attempt to enter the water where I am sure it would be unable to swim. 

    I felt quite helpless in being totally unable to do anything to ameliorate the poor bird's situation. I was left hoping that a hunting raptor would spot it and quickly dispatch it, where at least it would enter the food chain and suffer no longer. I suspect that if it survives until nightfall it may well fall prey to a fox or coyote.

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  1. This moorhen you really exquisite photographed David. Pretty sharp, bright and beautiful views from. Very nice to see. Where I live we have lots of these moorhens.