Wednesday, 30 October 2013


William Foster Woods
Kleinburg, ON
30 October 2013

    Tamaracks Larax laricina are coniferous trees which lose their foliage in the autumn, as do deciduous trees. The cones are greatly prized by various winter finches as a source of high energy food. Also known as Eastern Larch, these pictures show the rich gold of these trees at this time of year.
    Who knows, perhaps in a few months time they will be bedecked with crossbills and Pine Siskins.


  1. David....Just caught up with you thanks to a visit from you to Birds2blog for which I was most grateful. Sorry to hear you've never seen a Firecrest, a gem of a bird which competes with the Goldcrest as the smallest here in the UK.

    I took a look at random at your post titled 'Killdeer Aplenty', very sad and unfortunate for the birds suffering at the hands of the developing world.

    Regards from Lancaster, England.


  2. So these trees also lose leaves and discolored I can see that. Nutritious trees for the finches.