Sunday, 17 July 2011

Brown-headed Cowbird with Yellow Warbler "Parent."

Brown-headed Cowbird fledgling
being fed by Yellow Warbler
While birding at Humber Bay Park East in Toronto on 10 July 2011 we observed this young Brown-headed Cowbird, Molothrus ater (one of two) being fed by a male Yellow Warbler, Dendroica petechia. When we observed this activity we never once saw a female Yellow Warbler so we concluded that for whatever reason the male was left to satisfy these gargantuan offspring alone. It was a non-stop feeding frenzy during the time we watched with two begging, vociferous, belligerent cowbirds giving the warbler no rest.


  1. Can I have permission to use this photo (BHCO chick being fed by Yellow Warbler) in a PowerPoint scientific presentation? Totally non-commercial use.


  2. Sure. Go ahead. I will email you permission.

    1. Hi, this is an amazing capture, I would like permission to use this in in a paper I am writing for my undergraduate senior project on parasite-host dynamic in cowbirds and cuckoos.