Thursday, 7 January 2016

An Owl in My Pants

     Everyone is familiar with the expression Ants in My Pants but how many have had an owl in their pants? I may just be the exclusive member of a club of one!
    One of my pants had a little hole in it and Miriam jokingly suggested that she repair it by having an owl look out from a cavity. Well, I jumped right on that idea and here is the result.

     Miriam points out that this is not exactly her best work since she had to work inside the pant leg trying not to catch the other side of the leg in the stitching - not exactly the easiest situation apparently.
     I think I may have started a new trend. Don't tell Miriam but I think I am going to get other pants and cut little holes in them. Maybe I'll have a woodpecker next time, perhaps a nuthatch...the possibilities are endless!
     If you feel motivated to use this technique I know of course that you will want to send royalties to Miriam for her brilliant idea.


  1. Very smart,it might catch on.

  2. Great idea and it looks fun and interesting at the same time. Regards.

  3. Hello David, this is so cute!!

  4. Dearest David,
    Kudos to Miriam for this cute solution!
    If I were you, no nuthatch nor woodpecker...
    Enjoy it and glad the wind will not make outdoor life 'drafty' with the owl covering the opening!

  5. Ha ha, an Owl in your pants, wonderful.

  6. Hello David!:) Many thanks for your visit. What an absolutely brilliant idea! I may even make a hole in my trousers just so I can sew a bird inside.Still smiling!!:) Have a great weekend!

  7. Ha ha that's nice David.
    Enjoy your weekend, Tinie greetings

  8. David, te deseo lo mejor para este nuevo año, que venga cargado de naturaleza y buenas fotografías. Un fuerte abrazo desde España.

  9. That's a nice mend! Of course, you have to hope it does not scare away other birds!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. Delightful!! However, you may find that it results in lingering stares at your trouser region!

    I hope you're both having a great weekend - - Richard

  11. Hahahahaha .... really an ingenious solution to the hole in your pants. I love owls as you know, and this is really masterful !! A wonderful start to 2016 with this owl;-)

  12. I'd have gone with a woodpecker..............

  13. It's a wonderful world when we have imagination!

  14. A brilliant idea from Miriam and now it's obvious where the brains of the family lie. This idea opens up possibly endless avenues here in the UK where twitchers might wish to have their best or most recent ticks sewn into their garments. The varied members of the popular titmice family resident here in the UK suggest other pointers to how Miriam can extend her business empire.

    There is no charge for my expert business advice on this occasion.

    1. She read the first line...and there's no living with her now!

  15. HAHAHA!!
    I recognize here your sense of humour, both of you! LOL!
    Yes, I want one such pair of pants too, or I'll cry!!!
    Enjoy your weekend and huge hugs :)

  16. Hi David,
    What a great idea to make the pants so.
    Would also like itself.
    Best regards, Irma

  17. That opens up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to jokes but I'll just say good idea and leave it at that.

  18. Lucky you too. Look out for those oversize venomous Central American ants. A sting in your tail if you're not careful.

    Must admire both of our timings though. Flight Sunday - cold,wind and rain back home!!