Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Vive Le Canada! Vive Justin Trudeau!

20 October 2015

     Yesterday in Canada's federal election Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party were elected to the status of majority government. We salute you Monsieur Trudeau and applaud the principled campaign you led, focusing on a vision of hope and inclusiveness for all Canadians. Our future looks bright.
     No government is perfect, of course, but we can look forward to a future based on science, truth and sincerity, and not one of division and disparagement, based on narrow ideology as practiced by the Harper conservatives. Scientists were muzzled, cabinet ministers were not permitted to speak to the press in a forthright manner, and were provided with media scripts they had to stick to. Questions were never answered in the House of Commons; a mockery was made of parliament. Conservative backbenchers were stooges, they were not even permitted by their party to take part in all candidate debates if it in any way looked as though the views of the party might be challenged and come under scrutiny; they were pawns in Harper's game.
     Canada's environmental record was appalling and the slavish commitment to the development and expansion of the tar sands made us pariahs on the world stage. Many environmental protections were eliminated surreptitiously by burying them in giant omnibus budget bills where they had no place. We abdicated our position as a country with a strong environmental conscience by failing to meet the commitments we had agreed to at international gatherings to reduce greenhouse gases, the Kyoto Protocol being notable in this regard.
     Goodbye Mr. Harper. Good riddance!

     Your way is not the only way. Canadians are sick and tired of the politics of negativity and division. May you wallow in the backwaters of ignominy forever.
     Thomas Mulcair, leader of the NDP should be congratulated for running a competitive, spirited campaign, based on clear positions, reflecting the history of the social democratic movement in Canada. His party suffered crushing losses, but he should nevertheless be congratulated for his commitment to our country and his long record of public service.

     Elizabeth May, a lifelong environmentalist, and leader of the Green Party in Canada, was the only member of her party to win a seat. This was not entirely unexpected. She is an enormously capable woman, with very high standards, impeccable principles and substantial scientific expertise. Let us hope that Justin Trudeau reaches out to her and uses her wisely.

     And so we say again, congratulations Justin Trudeau. Félicitations encore. We look forward to four years of good government at home and the restoration and refurbishment of our reputation abroad.
     Vive Le Canada! Vive Justin Trudeau! 


  1. As the English are used to say in Parlement: Here Here!!!!

  2. An elector happy with result? I hope everything works out well for Canada.

    As to your kind offer which I am happy to accept.
    If Turdus iliacus should be ringing tick for you then obviously there will have to be a financial adjustment.

    Please send several hundred dollars in a plain brown envelope to.,..........

  3. Mucha suerte con vuestro nuevo gobierno, en principio la naturaleza de Canadá ya ha ganado. Un fuerte abrazo desde España.

  4. The best day in our recent history! Maybe we can get our democracy back!

  5. Dearest David,
    Well, I often wonder what the so-called environmentalists are doing about the MASS production of yearly crap that is hitting the stores for the many money-making seasons. All of it will end up in the garbage as it is produced from cheap materials that we import from China and trash in the Western World. We don't need it but the masses follow the commercials and buy, buy and buy more; thus yielding high sales taxes for the government.
    Nobody sees it that way and nobody stops it; money speaks. Greed is the disease of the modern age and people get addicted to a certain life style or lack of one.
    For me, I am totally content with the beauty of nature without buying any seasonal so-called deco. No Halloween crap that will get trashed in enormous amounts afterward; and so on.
    But I guess I'm preaching to the choir!
    Let's see how Green this lady really is and what will be done for the environment that by the way its most abused in China and such countries...
    Hugs and happy fall.

  6. I know you were worried that the opposition might get diluted by the "anything but Harper" vote, David, but I'm delighted to see that you got a result, and that Canada can now move forward in a truly democratic and ethical fashion.

    Best wishes to you both - and your nation! - - - - Richard

  7. Change is in the wind David! I am excited. I hope Mr.Trudeau appoints Ms. May as environment Minister.

    1. That would be great, Karen, but I doubt that he will. He has too many good people in his own party expecting high level appointments, but there is no reason why he cannot call on her expertise.

  8. Hello David,
    Change is always good, I hope it is good for Canada.
    Best regards, Irma

  9. This sounds very good.
    I hope, therefore, the promised changes will be :-)