Thursday, 30 April 2015

Red Morph Eastern Screech Owl (Petit-duc maculé)

Waterloo, ON
27 April 2015

     Some of you may recall that I located an Eastern Screech Owl Megascops asio last year on a trail quite close to my house. I last saw the bird sometime in the fall and was never able to relocate it during the winter.
     I have consistently checked the cavity, however, and imagine my great delight to find a bird sitting at the lip of the cavity on 27 April. Not only was this a cause for great rejoicing, the euphoria was enhanced by the fact that it was a red morph bird of this species, and only the second individual of this morph that I have ever seen.

     Unfortunately neither Miriam nor I have seen it since - and for her it would be her first ever red morph bird. We will keep checking for I am convinced that a pair nested there last year, although I could never obtain conclusive evidence of that fact, but I am hoping that a pair has taken up residence again this year and that "our" bird has simply not been there on the subsequent occasions when we have looked.

     Even though the pictures are not fantastic the bird can be seen very clearly and we absolutely do not wish to approach it any closer for fear of interfering with any breeding attempt which may be taking place.


  1. Hello David, This is indeed a great discovery. Hope for you, you will see it again and than in the end some youngsters.

  2. Hello David,
    I hope that the owl's has a nest, that would be great.
    Best regards, Irma

  3. WOW, at last you've got photos of this red morph!
    I can well imagine your thrill!
    I do hope a pair breeds in this cavity this season and that you will be able to show us more pics!
    Maybe one day you will get lucky and photograph it perched nearby...!
    Good luck...... Oh.... I mean break a leg!!!
    Keep well, abrazos para ti y Miriam :)

  4. Wonderfull !! :)

    I wonder what color will be the babies :)

  5. Cool shots of the owl! They are beautiful!

  6. These are great photos, David. I think many birders are envious of you.
    I wish you a goodweekend. Gr Jan W

  7. That's a super find David. Fingers crossed for a sucessful breeding season.

  8. Nice find David. Sadly I am watching Scops Owl every night whilst glugging a glass of Cava. A measly 25 degrees here in Menorca

  9. Nice to have that for the lens David.
    That's a wish of mine.
    Fine Sunday greetings Tinie

  10. Ohhhhhh ..... great David !!!!!
    This is a beautiful bird and yes, I remember that you had her about it before. Now I see these beautiful pictures I still am a bit jealous! Beautiful photos and great class.

  11. I'm so pleased that you managed to get some nice images of this owl, David. I feel that I can share your excitement at this find. I hope that it turns out to be a stayer and that you get breeding. I'm looking forward to the updates!

    Best wishes to you both - - - - Richard