Monday, 29 September 2014

Eastern Screech Owl (Petit-duc maculé)

Clair Lake Park
Waterloo, ON
29 September 2014

     Eastern Screech Owls are not easy to detect when they are roosting during the day. They either conceal themselves in cavities, or press up to the trunk or large branch of a tree, where they camouflage so well they are seldom noticed.
Any time I am able to locate one I consider myself very fortunate.
     This individual was perched about 15 metres off the ground, well hidden and the pictures reflect this. One cannot expect perfection when dealing with so cryptic a subject.

     But, it's a wonderful species to capture in the lens and any record is better than none.
    Fall is well advanced now and the colours on the trees will soon be at their peak. This maple right at the entrance to the park is bathed in crimson splendour.

     Inside the woodlot change is all around and there is a constant procession of falling leaves as one meanders through.


  1. Good eye to spot this owl so perfectly camouflaged! What a treat that must have been! Nice shots to capture this special encounter.

  2. WOW! Perfect camouflage! Looks like the neck might hurt a bit:)

  3. Cute shots of the Owl. Awesome sighting.. The fall trees are gorgeous..Enjoy your week!

  4. Hello David,
    Great photos from the owl.
    The colors of the trees are truly amazing.
    In the Netherlands it is not so nicely colored.

  5. How beautiful he is! :)
    It is still a dream of mine to see one!
    Autumn is well advanced where you are, here it is just about to start.
    Many dragonflies are still on the wing, late in their flight period.
    These are gorgeous photos David!
    Hugs to you and Miriam from the both of us :)

    Ps: your dragon guide is just fabulous, drawings and text are so precise! Many thanks again! :)

  6. I can see that, if I ever get out there, seeing the Eastern Screech Owl is going to be challenging, David! Perhaps I'll have to hope for the red morph showing up!

    Great to see your owl images, and those super autumn colours - ours started then stalled with a recent warm spell.

    1. The first Eastern Screech Owl I ever saw, Richard, was a red morph at Point Pelee about thirty years ago. It remains the only red morph bird I have ever seen. This is one species I would not be foolish enough to guarantee!

  7. Your picture is fine David. No apologies necessary. The owl is a perfect match for that tree.

  8. Owls are also hard to find and as you might know, I am crazy about owls:-) You have at least found one again and managed to put in the picture. The colors of your trees are truly amazing. What a warmth and atmosphere have this beautiful fall colors. All nicely done.