Saturday, 28 June 2014

Prairie Lily

Prairie (Wood) Lily Lilium philadelphicum
Taylor Lake, Waterloo County
22 June 2014

    Miriam and I joined a plant walk led by Larry Lamb, a veritable botanical encyclopedia, through the meadows and woodland surrounding Taylor Lake, where the Carolinian Zone reaches its northern limit. Hence, numerous species not found mere kilometres away are located in this very special area. In fact the sheer diversity of species that are rare and unique to the area led Larry to exclaim that it should be declared a national park!
    There are many photographs to pore over and we will need to get out our field guides to identify some of the species, but the flower that caused Larry the most excitement was the Prairie Lily shown below. While not endangered across the continent as I understand it, it is nevertheless very rare in this area, and was cause for great excitement.  Its beauty certainly impressed even those among us who did not appreciate its rarity.


  1. Beautiful Lily's so orange.
    Greetings Tinie

  2. Very beautiful and original flower ! I love this color !

  3. Love to see these in the wild! Nice shots!
    Karen & Beep

  4. That's beautiful enough to hold its own as a cultivated plant, David. In fact it looks extremely like something that I grow in our garden which we know as a 'day lily', but is, in fact, of a different family (Hemerocallis).

    WOW!!!!! I just looked up 'lilium' (yes, just plain 'lilium' )on Google and your post is at position No.5 in the search results!

  5. Beautiful images of the colouring.

  6. Lovely, I Think we have some in our fields...have to check. But I Think its a garden flower here

  7. I've known Larry for decades. I wish we had a botanist like him leading hikes up here!

  8. Beautiful lily with a beautiful orange color.

  9. A wonderful lily in beautiful orange color.
    And yes, on Iceland are a few trees, but not in this area.
    Best regards, Synnöve

  10. I agree on the excitement caused by a rarity!
    And to top it all, the flower is truly exquisite!
    The second pic is gorgeous!
    Enjoy your sunday both of you!

  11. Then we had another company (a company lily) we cultivate these tiger lilies :-) Nice to see them and very nicely displayed David.