Monday, 10 March 2014

Waterloo County Ramblings

Waterloo County
9 March 2014

    It is finally starting to look as though spring really will come this year and Miriam and I took a spin along some of our regular routes through Waterloo County. There is still lots to post from my trip to Ethiopia but I thought I would squeeze in a report from our local patch.
    Blue Jays Cyanocitta cristata have been more plentiful of late and certainly more vocal. This bird wasted no time in feeding on a little seed we strewed on top of a post.

    The fields, still snow covered, were alive with Horned Larks Eremophila alpestris as migrants are arriving in large numbers to join the hardy individuals who have wintered here.

    A quintessential sight in this county is a pick up hockey game avidly contested by opposing teams of old order Mennonite men and boys. These fellows were a hardy lot, playing in shirt sleeves. You will notice the strict segregation of men and women in the second photograph with all the women seated together off to the right.


  1. Brilliant birds and, the men playing in snow with their shirts rolled up, brrrrrrrrrrrr.

  2. The Blue Jay is beautiful. I didn't manage a clear view of a Steller's while we were in California or Washington, but did see several Western Scrub-Jays. The blue is a beautiful shade. Interesting to see the hockey with it's social comment.

  3. Wonderful birds :-) In Poland, fortunately already is spring :-) Best regards!

  4. I like very much the first one. Thanks for visiting my blog. Wish you a nice evening.
    Erika from Italy

  5. How I would love to see this Blue jay!
    I hardly saw them in North Carolina but then I wasn't into photography! LOL!!

    1. Hi Noushka: If ever you make it to Ontario this is one species I could pretty much guarantee!

  6. That first picture I find truly amazing!!
    A really big compliment!

  7. A lovely capture of the Blue Jay, David. Thanks for dropping by my blog and correcting my naming of the Canada Geese Branta canadensis.

  8. I liked the bird pictures. I had never seen a horned lark before in picture or in the open.
    The people playing hockey probably keeping warm with all the moving.