Monday, 10 March 2014

Superb Starling

Superb Starling Lamprotornis superbus
January 2014

    When one is only accustomed to seeing Common Starling Sturnus vulgaris on a regular basis, African starlings are a phenomenal experience. Superb Starling was common, at times abundant, on our journey through Ethiopia, with the Horn of Africa comprising the largest area of its range. It became a very familiar species, but never failed to elicit appreciative looks.


  1. Beautiful Starlings, they look like our Starling/Jackdaw.

  2. Hello David,
    Beautiful starlings with amazing colors.
    Greetings Irma

  3. What a fantastic Starling! Like you, I'm really only used to introduced Common Starlings, although we do have Metallic Starlings in north Queensland - not a patch on these though!

  4. That's one bird with a well-deserved name!!

  5. Wow, this bird has lovely colors. Would like to see one in the future.

  6. These birds have a beautiful coloration.Greetings!

  7. That is a stunning bird and its name is well deserved!
    Fantastic shots!
    I remember seeing them in the Kruger park...

  8. What a beautiful colors, these birds David,
    and you know them nicely to "catch".

  9. Hello David! We invite you to visit our blog. Today note about starlings Sturnus vulgaris, which we are watching by camera. On our blog are the new and old movies of starlings.
    All the best David and a lot of interesting bird observation!