Thursday, 27 March 2014

Nubian Woodpecker

Nubian Woodpecker Campethera nubica
Yabello Area, Ethiopia
19 January 2014

    Nubian Woodpecker was quite common in some of the areas we visited in Ethiopia. It is a small woodpecker of drier bushland and riverine woods. The bird shown in the following pictures is a female.


  1. It looks as if it would blend in with the vegetation extremely well!

  2. I agree with the predecessor. Excellent camouflage has this woodpecker. It is difficult to spot it among the branches of trees.
    Wonderful bird and great shots!
    Greetings from two polish boys :-)

  3. What a beautiful bird, David. Really unknown here. It must have been a treat to see all these magnificent species. Great shots. Have a nice weekend. Greetings, Joke.

    P.S.: I hope the snow in your area will soon disappear.

  4. Fantastic woodpecker.. Like it.. :-)))

  5. Un bel oiseau que je ne connais pas...

  6. Beautiful woodpecker you have there and what have you again made beautiful pictures of.

    Groetjes Tinie

  7. My godness!
    I am impressed with the number of species -and interesting ones - you have seen along this trip!
    Great photo of a woody I don't know!
    I hope you have many more to show us!! :)

  8. I hardly believe my eyes! What a special and very beautiful woodpecker show you here. I did not even finish. Of its existence Im great to see!