Tuesday, 25 February 2014

White Stork

White Stork Ciconia ciconia
15 January 2014

    This is the iconic stork with which everyone is familiar from the images of it nesting on roof tops and other locations close to human habitation. In fact, in many areas it has become singularly dependent on such structures, and is the stork which delivers babies according to popular legend.
    It winters throughout eastern and southern Africa, with some birds in the Horn of Africa. This individual was seen in a small wetland on the way to Sof Omar.


  1. That's quite a beak! Great images of this handsome bird.

  2. Beautiful photos of the Stork.

  3. Superb David!
    Pic N°2 is stunning!
    It is quite unusual to see photos of these birds in such a decor!

  4. I wouldn't say I was familiar with this species, so it is great to see some varied images of it.

  5. Great as you have photographed. These beautiful stork
    Beautiful David :-)

  6. Beautiful pictures. Your blog is very interesting. Best regards!