Sunday, 10 November 2013

Horned Larks Return

Horned Larks Return to
Waterloo County
9 November 2013

    At this time of year, when travelling the rural areas of Waterloo County, one starts to look for Horned Larks Ermeophila alpestris returning from more northerly locations to spend the winter in our region. Actually, there is a substantial breeding population here also, but these secretive birds are difficult to come across during the nesting season. No doubt the numbers of resident birds are swelled by incoming migrants.
   I was helping Miriam at a craft sale and during a slow spell I decided to drive around a little to see what I could find. Four Horned Larks were feeding on grit in a farmer's driveway. I am sure that from now on this will be a common and frequently sighted species in the right habitat.
   It occurs to me that many non-birders in agricultural zones probably pass this handsome species on a regular basis without giving it a second glance, probably thinking they are sparrows - if they think anything at all, that is.


  1. I know this bird not David, which is why I find it so much fun to blog. You see birds and other animals that you have never seen it myself :-)

    1. Hi Helma: This bird is called Shore Lark on your side of the world. I don't know what you would call it in Dutch!