Friday, 8 November 2013

Blue Morph Snow Goose at Reesor Pond

Blue Morph Snow Goose Chen caerulescens
at Reesor Pond, Markham, ON
8 November 2013

    At this time of year, resident Canada Geese Branta canadensis are joined by migratory flocks on their way south. Today at Reesor Pond there was conservatively a thousand Canada Geese, at least one Cackling Duck Branta hutchinsii and a blue morph Snow Goose shown in the picture below. At one time, the blue variant of this species was considered a separate species, Blue Goose, until the young of both colour morphs were found in the same nest.

Blue morph Snow Goose

The Snow Goose is visible in the centre of the picture

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  1. That's quite a bit. Here in the Netherlands they are common in certain places. Beautiful geese and beautiful to see.