Monday, 28 October 2013

Further Evidence of Beavers

Beavers Getting Ready for Winter
28 October 2013

    The following pictures show the top of the beavers' cache of vegetation which provides them with food throughout the winter when most of the lakes and streams they inhabit are frozen. Their lodge, with its cozy chamber above water level, is tight into the bank, but is not easy to see on these photographs.
    One can see the polished mud where the beavers exit from the water and return dragging branches from trees they have felled. As can be noted, their path goes right through a farmer's field of corn.
    Based on the activity we have seen this family will be well provisioned for the cold months ahead. 


  1. nature never ceases to amaze me - their inbuilt gps navigational skills, their inherent seasonal commitments like this

  2. Very interesting!
    Will you show beaver's pics next time?!! LOL!
    Your bird album is incredible! Congrats!
    Cheers, David!