Sunday, 7 July 2013

Chickadees Fledge

Black-capped Chickadees Fledge
6 July 2013

    This morning when we checked the nest there was only one chick left inside, the others already having made their way out into the world. Within a very short period this final adventurer ventured forth to join his siblings. All are quite proficient at short bursts of flight already, one even flying to the wall of the house and clinging there like a veteran. Now they will begin the most difficult part of their lives and, sadly, we realize that some of them will probably not survive until the spring. We can only wish the best for them
     I cannot begin to describe the sense of elation we felt that these birds hatched in our yard. We have a very deep sense of happiness not engendered by many other things in our lives.


Adult and young


Juvenile being fed by adult


  1. You sound like a proud poppa\1

  2. Barry Kent MacKay12 July 2013 at 18:55

    They are hyper-cute without a trace of the contrivance so often associated with "cuteness". I wish them well