Saturday, 4 December 2021

I know you're ready for more of Lily!

11 November 2021
Bechtel Park, Waterloo, ON

     My mom always confers with David and Miriam about where we should go for a walk, and I was glad that they chose Bechtel Park. That's where you can see an Eastern Screech Owl (Megascops asio) and that is very special.

     It occurs to me that I may have seen a screech owl more times than anyone my age.

     My Mom always tells me the correct name - no baby talk - and David says that he is going to make sure I learn the scientific name too!
     High expectations for a little girl not even eighteen months old yet? No! I can do it.
     I sometimes worry about adults. They see a stone, and only see a stone. Yet there is so much that is interesting about it.

     I know before they give it to me they will say, "Don't put it in your mouth!" Sometimes I make like I am going to just to see their reaction. It's pretty predictable.
     My Mom always brings delicious snacks for me and I was happy to see that a squirrel had found something good to eat too.

     At Bechtel Park there is a playground and it was fun to go down the slide.

     Miriam is always there with her camera to get lots of good pictures.
     It's great when David lifts me up to the top of the slide, because the space from one step to the next is about half as tall as I am and it's hard work.

     I can go down fast!
     Whenever I need a helping hand it's there.

     Can't let go of my apple.
     I am always sad when it's time to go home for lunch, and Mom insists that I have a nap too.

     But next week will soon be here. So bye until then David and Miriam.

19 November 2021
Waterloo Park, Waterloo, ON

     This park has a playground with lots of different equipment, and it looks like they are building a brand new one too.

     The slide is my favourite, but it's great to try other features also.

     I think I have style don't you?

     They even have pigs in the sandbox, and they don't squeal when you sit on them and pull their ears.

     I bet it would be fun to ride on the back of a real pig. That wouldn't be "boaring" ! Ha!Ha!
     Mom obviously enjoys the playground too.

     I think David is as old as the dinosaur, but don't tell him I said that!
     Once again, it's time to say goodbye.

     What a great time we had together.

02 December 2021
Laurel Creek Conservation Area

     Did you know that tamaracks are the only conifers that shed their needles in the fall, just like deciduous trees? Now they are all golden and beautiful.

     Look at that carpet on the road. I bet many people have never seen such a spectacle. I have and there are three adults with me to tell me all about it.
     I think that Black-capped Chicakdees (Poecile atricapillus) is my favourite bird. They come to see me every time, and even though David forgot to put seed in his pocket, they still paid us a visit.

     There was a really cold wind and I had a runny nose at times, and my Mom kept trying to wipe it. It didn't bother me and it can drive a girl crazy when an adult keeps trying to do that.

     And it didn't deter the chickadees either!

     Sometimes I think David has magic fingers and he is transferring them to me. I am really happy when we all go out together.

     I am pretty good at making funny faces.

     It always makes the adults laugh!
     What is more exciting than a puddle of water? Adults just walk by but children know it's there to be splashed in. So that's what I did.

     Miriam takes great pictures so that my Dad and all of you can see what I have been doing.

     My Mom was getting ready to put me in my car seat to go home, but I wasn't quite ready. I wanted to go to David and play with the zippers and toggles on his coat.

     That gets me a few more minutes before we have to leave.

     Sooner or later we really do have to go (so my Mom says, and she's in charge).

     I think I am pretty lucky to be able to enjoy these outings each week. What do you think?
     See you all again soon! Hugs and kisses from Lily.

Post script: Someone made the comment to Miriam recently, on Facebook if I am not mistaken, that you can't choose your family. "Yes, you can" retorted Miriam. I think we chose pretty well, don't you?     


  1. Lily is growing so fast, and she is so sweet. You are lucky who can see her so often.
    I have three different larch here, David. I love to watch them change to yellow color before they shed their needles.
    Hugs from snowy Norway, Marit

    1. We are very lucky, Marit. It's an equal pleasure to see Heather too.

  2. Hari OM
    Oh my word, Lily - is it weird that this adult is now having pig envy??? I do love pigs and I loved seeing you enjoy that one in the park - and, indeed, everything else. Your enjoyment is bright and beautiful and infectious all the way over to this Bonny Land (where we have those larches that drop their needles too, what fun!) Sending love to you and your mummy and thanks to David and Miriam for sharing you with us, spreading the light all over the globe!!! With hugs from afar, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Thank you Aunty YAM; hugs and kisses from Lily.

  4. Ooooh. Lucky Lily - and lucky us, seeing her AND hearing her very wise words. Chosen families are very special indeed.

  5. Cute photos of Lily. I like that owl shot too!

  6. Always lovely to see more of Lily. As someone who once studied geology and also worked on a pig farm, I admire her taste in being interested in rocks and pigs. Has there ever been a child who wasn't fascinated by puddles?

  7. Lily is beautiful and has grown a lot, she enjoys the countryside and being with you, she will soon be a good bird watcher.
    A thousand Kisses!

  8. Hi David and Miriam - what a great post ... and so pleased to read Lily's Dad gets to read all about her days out with you two ... especially with the educational conversation that goes on in between the fun times of puddle splashing, eating apples, sliding, watching all around her. Excellent - lovely post ... thanks for letting us see her news. Cheers and hug all round - Hilary

  9. I love that you all chose the right family!! Terrific photos of that sweet, sweet, gal if yours. Suchrosy cheeks!! Oh and the little feathered one is cute too...but nothing like your granddaughter!!
    I wish for you a good birding week ahead,and thanks for linking in!

  10. Lily is adorable, fun photos! I love the Owl and the Chickadee too.
    Have a great day, enjoy your new week!

  11. Sweet human being is Lily. Lovely to see her enjoying life.

  12. Lily is adorable and I am very glad she is learning to love nature and animals.
    About the David's magic fingers I am sure that many animals understand who love them. I had many similar experiences.
    Great photos.
    Have a good Sunday and a good week ahead.

  13. Lovely owl and chickadee, but of course Lilly trump them all. She's adorable.
    Enjoyed seeing her trying to slide but not letting go of her apple. Not many kids are as lucky as Lilly to get to enjoy the outdoors and learn about birds.

  14. Lily is gorgeous, I love reading of her adventures and her view of the wold! You are giving her a unique possibility to learn about nature at an early age. Have a great Sunday, take care, hugs, Valerie

    1. As you have noted, Valerie, she is quite the philosopher already.

  15. Time with sweet Lily is good for the spirit. Family indeed!

  16. The owl is perfectly camouflaged. Lily conquers the playground universe.

  17. Holding on to the apple is commendable. The chickadee is cute.

  18. This was a fun post. Lily will be the most nature informed child and hopefully adult when she grows up. She has certainly seen a lot more screech owls than me (seeing I have never seen one). Smile. I am glad she likes to break that puddle ice and here it crunch because I still do that. It hasn't lost its excitement yet. She is a cutie and you are lucky she comes on your walks with you. Hope you're having a nice weekend. Hugs-Erika

  19. Our pine trees shed their needles every fall. Not all of them, just 1/7, apparently.
    Lily is such a sweetie.

  20. Lily has everyone eating out of her hand - not just the chickadees. It is really lovely Lily that your Dad gets to learn exactly what you are getting up to during the daytime when you are gallivanting around with your Mum, David and Miriam.

  21. Lily is so adorable. It's great that she has a lovely family of people who love spending time with her and showing how fun nature really is.

  22. Uh, David, you're being outdone as a writer.
    She's absolutely adorable. And very smart.

  23. Yes, we are always ready for more Lily!

  24. Beautiful photo of the owl David.
    But I like the photo of Lily even more, what a sweet and beautiful girl.
    Greetings Tinie

  25. ohh she is soo pretty!love that little owl in the tree too!

  26. Lily grandit vite, elle a de la chance de profiter de si jolies balades avec sa famille. J'en faisais aussi beaucoup avec mes parents et mes sœurs. La flaque semble lui plaire :D
    Bonne soirée

  27. A post awash in Lily is always splendid and memorable, but add together Lily, a squirrel, and some birds, and it's enough to make me want to close down the computer for the day. Nothing could be more lovely!

  28. Can never get enough of Lily! Wonderful post. :)

  29. Buenas noches amigo David, ¡como la disfrutáis y que cariñosa es! Es una preciosidad de niña, parece que tiene una conversación muy amena, y lógicamente, a vosotros se os cae la baba 😉😁.
    Ella debe disfrutar de lo lindo en esas salidas. Dentro de poco tiempo te hará la competencia, conocerá más que nadie a cualquier ave o pájaro, ellos aprenden rápido y encima con un gran profesor.
    Ha sido un placer poder dar una vuelta con Lily y vosotros, por cierto, el búho es una preciosidad con un excelente camuflaje.
    Un gran abrazo y besos para Lily queridos amigos y compadres.

  30. Yes, you did! How fun to explore the world through a child’s eyes. Lily is a very lucky little girl to have adults who spend time outdoors with her.

  31. Clearly you are in love and rightly so.

  32. We love Lily! (And I think David has magic fingers, too!)

  33. Lily is so cute and adorable. Lily is learning to enjoy and love nature like her adults.

  34. Hi David.

    Beautiful Owl.
    Super so happy Lily looks.
    How nice that she can absorb impressions of nature at such a young age.

    Greetings from Patricia.

  35. Está camuflado en la corteza del árbol, que es del mismo color de sus plumas. Duerme tranquilamente confiado que nadie lo va a molestar. Me resultan simpáticos los buhos,

    Estos dos niños, desde pequeño están aprendiendo a a mar la Naturaleza y a los animales que habitan en ella,

    Que tengas una buena semana.

  36. Lily is surely getting a wonderful appreciation and early knowledge of nature through these outings with her mom and you and Miriam. Thanks, David, for sharing with all of us.

  37. Hi David,
    Spectacular idea of making a dialogue of your little princess Lily's thoughts. She is so beautiful and always so happy, for her these moments in the parks and in nature with her grandparents and her mother are certainly precious. The photos are fantastic.
    I also loved the first photo of the Eastern Screech Owl, which is amazing, as well as the photo of Chicakdees in your hand.
    Have a great week

  38. That Eastern Screech Owl is very well camouflaged. Lily is only more and more lovely every time you show her.

  39. She is adorable. Pretty skin, too.

  40. There's no getting away from it - you are, understandably, somewhat besotted with Lily, David. She's as cute as they come. I am pleased, however, that you've not (yet!) forgotten the birds, and that owl was an extremely welcome opener to this delighfully amusing piece from you. Best wishes to you and Miriam - - - Richard

  41. Lily is a sweetie and I bet just as adorable even when she screeches. It was tough to judge who is cuter, the fluffy screech owl or Lily, but Lily all wrapped up in bright pink and stomping the puddles wins hands down! The chickadess are tame coming to perch on your fingers.

  42. This is just charming, Lily is a delight!

  43. Tus reportajes de aves me encantan, pero este es especial. Disfrute viendo a Lily, será una gran enamorada de la naturaleza. Abrazos para todos.

  44. A wonderful post, the photographs and narration perfect.
    Lily is simply adorable.

    'til next time Lily, take care :)

    All the best Jan

  45. What a sweet post! Lily, you are a lucky little girl, surrounded by love, and the great outdoors! I think you are going to be quite the knowledgeable nature enthusiast as you get older. How special to see that Black-capped Chickadee so close up!

  46. Love the photos, especially those of super cute Lily!

    And yes, we can never get enough of Lily!

  47. Very, very cute and yes to "normal" talk - I always did that with my Nieces, too.
    Boy, and now they are all grown and go to school! Enjoy this time big, it´s over too fast.

  48. Replies
    1. She is already keying into the vocalizations of different species. It's all part of learning language to her.

  49. Lily is a really cute baby.
    The owl the squirrel and the bird on the hand are also beautiful.
    Greetings Irma

  50. yes, Lily is a sweet one.
    But I love the Eastern Screech Owl too. It seem to be a part of the tree it is sitting on. :)

  51. What a beautiful little darling Lily is. You are all so lucky to have her in your lives. :)

  52. Lily is undoubtedly fortunate to have nature-loving grandparents and to have started watching so many beautiful birds at such a young age. Gretings David