Sunday, 7 June 2015

Waved Sphinx

21 May 2015
Waterloo, ON

     We photographed this moth on our front door step and since then have been trying to identify it.

     It is a large moth, approximately 5 cm in length by actual measurement, but we could find nothing in the references we have to help us with the i.d. We turned to our friends, some of whom are much more versed in butterflies and moths than we are, and today Thelma Beaubien came through with the information we need.
          It was certainly a dramatic discovery and we hope to see it again. 


  1. Hi David, you may find more information about the moth at:
    It is always exciting to have found something new. Good luck!
    Gr Jan W

  2. Hi Jan: Thanks so much for this. Very helpful indeed.

  3. Hello David,
    Beautiful picture of this moth.
    The name I do not know.
    Have a good new week.
    Best regards, Irma

  4. Hello David .. In Spain sometimes we have invasion of butterflies Gamma .. It's a moth from Africa similar to show us .. Watch online .. Greetings

  5. Hello David,
    Nice shot of this moth.
    Mostly they are flying at night. I hope he will be out of your house.

    Many greetings,

  6. Hello David, I nice moth and well captured. Can not help you with the name.

  7. Great find, it is a pretty moth! Enjoy your day!

  8. That unusual and beautiful moth picture made me a birder only to Google it as Black Zig Zag Moth - Panthea acronyctoides. A very nice insect but I can imagine that many folk who have fear of moths wouldn't think twice about squashing one.

    Not sure when you and your lovely but devoted wife are headed this way. If you find yourselves in this part of Lancashire give me a shout.

    1. I doubt that we will be in your neck of the woods, Phil, but you never know. My email address is Why don't you send me your phone number?

  9. It does look much like a couple of noctuidae species we have here in Europe but from one continent to another the ID is difficult. Surely there must be an internet website with ID's of most species in Canada and/or North America?
    Lovely zig-zag patterns anyhow, congrats for for the pic :)

  10. A great image of the moth, David. Have you converted the image to monochrome, or is there actually just no color in the scene?

    Best wishes to you both - - Richard

    1. the colours are accurate, Richard. It's a black/grey moth on a grey concrete step.

  11. It's great beautiful nachtvlidner. To determine moths is also quite difficult. Previously I found moths but scary but now I find them beautiful to see :-)