Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A Special Friend

     No doubt some of you will recall that I mentioned that my good friend Karen von Knobloch had permitted me to use her pictures from the falcon watch on my recent blog post.
     This is Karen.

     What a great friend and supporter she has been through the period when we have all conspired to do whatever was in our power to ensure the success of the four young Peregrine Falcons. She has probably logged more hours than anyone else, but not only that she has created an ongoing photographic record of all the events of their lives, and has shared the results of her creative prowess with everyone. 
     When I asked her if I might use her photographs on my blog she acquiesced without a moment's hesitation. 
     Now that the period of our our daily vigilance is drawing to a close, Karen has created this poster of the entire peregrine family which she is permitting me to share with all of you.

     I cannot think of anything more fitting than to have this composite of the four healthy, strong youngsters with their devoted parents. No group of young Peregrine Falcons has been more ready to face the world and all the challenges it will bring. We all wish them favorable winds, good weather and an abundance of prey, and may they return to us when they are ready to breed themselves.
     Thank you Karen for your kindness and salutary dedication. The first female next year, without a doubt, should be named Karen in your honour.


  1. Wonderfull !
    I love images of birds! Thanks Karen and thanks Your visite
    Big hug

  2. Hello David, great to see the whole family together in such a wonderful poster. Indeed thank you Karen for your work and these lovely photos.

  3. Nice gesture to dedicate this blog to Karen, David. She really deserves this, not everyone is so generous.
    So from me a heartfelt 'Thank you, Karen. Your photos and the peregrine family collage are very nice'.
    Gr Jan W

  4. Beautiful pictures of the Peregrine family.
    Thanks Karen you made this collage.
    Best regards, Irma

  5. Thanks all for your kind comments. It has been my pleasure once again to photograph and share the images of these beautiful birds! We had a great TEAM of volunteers of which David was one. The support from each member of this years team, the Canadian Peregrine Foundation, the Waterloo Nature Group and CTV/Bell Media has meant so much and has enabled this family to be successful so far and help to increase the numbers with this 'at risk' species. The photographs are just a small part but a great remembrance for us all to revisit and celebrate this last couple months efforts. I cherish the new friendships that have been made from this journey!

  6. I also vote for the first female being named after Keren :)
    She and the whole have done a fabulous job and was great to follow it through your posts, David :)
    Many thanks also about the Dusky moorhen, I made the correction!
    You are my guardian angel, at least where birds are concern!!
    You must be preparing to leave, I can't wait to discover what you will see in the UK :)
    Fuertes abrazos par los dos :)

  7. Great collage, thanks Karen.

  8. What about a calendar Karen? A Peregrine for every month for everyone.