Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Spring Delights

Laurel Creek Conservation Area
25 April 2014

    Just when you think the cattails and the water are empty, you hear the distinctive call of a male Red-winged Blackbird Agelaius phoeniceus and voilà, there he is in all his glory, displaying his strength and prowess to every passing female.

    A careful scan revealed several other species, but few within photographic range. Small rafts of Ring-necked Ducks Aytha collaris, common at this time of year, swam close by, revealing just how undescriptively this duck was named by an early biologist in a bad mood!


  1. A nice area for a walk. That's a great shot of the rw blackbird, what a show off he is!

  2. What a great photo's.
    Second picture is truly sublime.
    Greetings Irma

  3. Beautiful spring :-).
    Many thanks for adding our blog to your watchlist of blogs.
    Have a happy day, David!

  4. Beautiful series which I the second one very beautiful place.

    Groetjes Tinie

  5. Hi David,
    The Red-winged Blackbird is absolutely superb!
    I love its attitude!
    The fact it is deep black brings out the orange-red color stunningly!
    From what I read about the species, it seems to be quite common in the US but the last 2 winters took a serious toll on their numbers... I heard they had fallen dead from branches in at least one state because of severe frost, is is true?
    Cheerio, keep well!

    1. I hadn't heard about their demise, Noushka, but it wouldn't surprise me given the severity of the past winter. It is a fairly hardy species and generally a few even overwinter here in southern Ontario.

    2. Thanks for your reply David!
      It has been quite disastrous here too for about 3 years.... :(

  6. I can almost hear that Red-winged Blackbird, a truly unique and evocative sound of the reeds as you picture it. I just love that bird and can't get enough of it on North American blogs. Seems it's one of those birds that is so common that it tends to be ignored or overlooked, just like some species over here.

    We're off to Sunny Spain tomorrow. Hope to catch up with you soon David.

  7. Your second photo I really super nice David. Also your other ducks to me again virij unknown but very nice that I know them learn :-)


  8. Kaczki przepiękne, miło popatrzeć na nie :)

    Pozdrawiam/ Greets

  9. I've often wondered how the Ring-necked Duck got its name. They might be common over there but they cause quite a stir when seen over here!!

    I had no idea that the Red-winged Blackbird could put on such a magnificent display - beautifully captured by yourself, David.