Monday, 14 April 2014

Awash Falls National Park

Awash Falls National Park, Ethiopia
23 January 2014

    There were huge numbers of Abdim's Stork Ciconia abdimii in appropriate habitat at Awash Falls National Park, often in close association with African Sacred Ibis Threskiornis aethiopicus and Egyptian Goose Alopochen aegyptiaca.
   They were prone to flush at the slightest provocation, usually undetected by us.

Abdim's Storks in flight

Abdim's Storks in flight

African Sacred Ibis with Egyptian Goose
Abdim's Stork with Africa Sacred Ibis
    We saw Eurasian Hoopoe Upupa epops quite frequently although rarely in a position for a decent photograph.


  1. Ptak z ostatniego zdjęcia występuje w moim kraju :)

    Pozdrawiam :)

  2. Looks like I have missed a lot!
    WOW, you seem to have taken many different species in Ethiopia!
    The Hoopoe that used to nest around here has not returned to same spot or not returned at all. It saddens me.