Monday, 3 March 2014

Rouget's Rail

Rouget's Rail  Rougetius rougetii
Bale Mountain National Park, Ethiopia
13 January 2014

    In stark contrast to the secretive behaviour one expects from rails, Rouget's Rail is easy to see and often walks in open terrain without any attempt to hide itself. It prefers marshy areas in upland grasslands so the Bale Mountain National Park is one of its strongholds. It is found only in Ethiopia and neighbouring Eritrea.


  1. Hi David.
    Beautiful bird, a species that is not in the Netherlands.
    Have a nice week, Irma

  2. Brilliant Rail, I wish I could take with picture like that David.

  3. Such beautiful bird. I like this shot in the mud.
    Greetings :)

  4. It is a handsome looking rail, and I agree, unusual to be so confident, although sometimes our Buff-banded Rail is like that.

  5. Jees!
    Easy to see hey?!
    One just only have to hop on a plane for Ethiopia then! ;-)
    Great photos, the chest color is gorgeous!

  6. Ale piękny:) Jeszcze takiego nie widziałem:) Pozdrawim i zapraszam do mnie:)

  7. What a special, but also very beautiful bird is with its red / brown belly. Never seen before!