Saturday, 8 March 2014

Crowned Lapwing

Crowned Lapwing Vanellus coronatus
Liben Plain, Ethiopia
17 January 2014

    A characteristic bird of dry inland plains, Crowned Lapwing is a handsome bird indeed with a very distinctive head pattern. I have several pictures of this species but none front on to the bird. It seemed that every time we spotted a small group, and it was not uncommon in appropriate habitat, it would move twenty or thirty metres away from us and stop in its characteristic upright stance. 


  1. Beautiful picture of this Crowned Lapwing.
    Pity this with the back to your state.
    Have a great weekend, Irma

  2. Lubię czajki ale na żywo ich jeszcze nie widziałem:)

  3. Wonderful, I would love to see that one. Brilliant photo too.

  4. Great bird.. Beautiful picture.. Congrats

  5. It's a striking Lapwing with those markings and red bill and legs.


  6. Hello, David Gascoigne.

     Expression of great moment.
     Fascinating photographing.

    Have a good day. From Japan, ruma ❀

  7. Yes, I KNOW you would like to see the Wallcreeper!!!!
    And so would I!!! LOL!
    Unfortunately I am not sure how we can manage that!!
    But I will ask around and maybe with luck we can achieve this together when you'll be here ! ;-)

    Lovely lapwing with beautiful B&W stripes on the head!

  8. wau biutiful bird ! ihania lintu kuvia. welcome my blog, finland