Monday, 31 March 2014

Broad-billed Roller

Broad-billed Roller Eurystomus glaucurus
Bishangari, Ethiopia
21 January 2014

    This was our only sighting of this small, compact roller. A pair was perched near the top of a solitary tall tree, a behaviour typical of this species. In Ethiopia they tend to frequent thick savannah woodland and open plains with scattered trees. 


Male left, female right



  1. Brilliant David, the Broad-billed Roller is fine bird in Ethiopia.

  2. Lubię takie nieduże ptaszki:)

  3. Although not quite as flamboyant as other Roller species, it's a super-looking bird. It does look rather compact and powerful for its size. Great captures all, but the middle image conveys the setting superbly!

  4. I really like these birds.. So cute..

  5. Hello David,
    Just one more comment, then I take a time out again.

    Beautiful bird photos.
    Well photographed.

  6. Habits like our European Roller then - equally hard to get close to but yor pictures of broad-billed are much better than European mine from Menorca. Rollers are very rare in the UK, only overshoots in Spring.

    Like the idea of a swap, I'll send a few Northern Wheatears your way soon and expect a Cardinal or two in the autumn. You can keep the Blue Jays, I'll settle for a blue Cerulean Warbler though.

    1. As for Cerulean Warblers - me too! They are getting harder and harder to find.

  7. Gorgeous bird from the Roller family, one of my favorites!
    All these posts really makes me wish to go north of Africa and discover these marvels for myself!
    Congrats, David!

  8. This is also a very special bird I've never seen. Nice to meet them :-)


  9. Great pictures, the conditions were very good, the weather was beautiful :)