Thursday, 6 March 2014

African Hawk-Eagle

African Hawk-Eagle Aquila spilogaster
15 January 2014

    Our first sighting of this magnificent raptor occurred on 15 January and it obligingly descended to a convenient perch for picture taking. The population of this species in the Horn of Africa is disjunct from its principal range, which stretches in a broad swath from West Africa through a large part of East and Southern Africa. Its favoured habitat is open woodland, broadleaf savannah and open grassland with riverine strips of tall trees. Its principal prey consists of large birds, mammals, occasionally snakes and lizards. 


  1. I'm not sure if that's a mean-looking bird or not? Probably not as it was so obliging. Great images, David!

    I know you had disappointments with this trip, but the results are outstanding!

  2. This is a beautiful bird of prey! We envy you such observations :-) On our blog we have a few portraits of birds of prey, which photographed :-)

    Best regards - Michał and Piotr from Poland

  3. Great photos of this African Hawk-Eagle.
    Also as sitting on the pole.
    Pictures are perfectly sharp, compliments.

  4. A nice-looking raptor, but I'm glad I'm not a large bird!

  5. You saw a lot of great birds on your trip.

  6. The bird knew that you came to photograph him and posed for you on the pole, David (LOL). Great pictures. It must have been fantastic to see that bird with your own eyes. Have a nice weekend. Greetings from the Netherlands, Joke

  7. Great raptor!
    That was lucky he perched just for you!! :)

  8. Wow ... what a mighty hawk I see here.
    One of the most beautiful and powerful birds of prey. Really nice David!