Friday, 31 January 2014

Cut-throat Finch at Lake Awassa, Ethiopia

Cut-throat Finch Amadina fasciata
Lake Awassa, Ethiopia
12 January 2014

    I still have hundreds upon hundreds of photographs to edit following my return from Ethiopia last night, and a trip report to write, so you can bet that I am going to be busy for a while! Based on what I have edited so far, this little Cut-throat Finch (oh so aptly named) stood out, and seemed to be begging for a blog posting.
    It was seen along the shoreline of Lake Awassa, towards the end of a day when we recorded over 180 species, a staggering total. There were many highlights but this species is certainly one of the most memorable.


  1. What a wonderful bird. I've never seen so original bird.
    Really beautiful !

  2. Beautiful bird, never seen this.
    The first picture is my favorite.

  3. Hello David!
    Good to know you were back safe and happy! :)
    I can't wait to see all the birds you photographed!
    This Cut-throat is gorgeous and the red patch gives it obviously its name!
    All the other feathers are so delicately underlined!
    Great to know there are still many after seeing on TV how passerine birds are hunted down with hundred of miles of nets around that part of the world.
    You can see what I mean here:
    Enjoy your WE, I bet you will be busy preparing pics and posts!! LOL!