Monday, 3 January 2011

A Varied Thrush in Ontario

A Varied Thrush, Ixoreus naevius in Ontario
in the Winter 2010

From 14 December until somewhere near the end of the month a Varied Thrush was seen at 3218 Weimar Line, just outside Waterloo, ON. This very cooperative bird was at the feeders of Elmer and Bev Ewert and visiting birders were warmly welcomed to view this rarity, well outside its normal range of southern Alaska south along the coastal coniferous forests to northern California. It was a first Ontario sighting for many experienced birders and a delight for everyone.


  1. One of my neighbors across the Thames River in London, ON, also was thrilled to see a varied thrush recently in her yard-Nice photo

  2. Great find! As a Toronto photographer based out in Durham Region I'm always surprised at the variation of wildlife in the area.