Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Spot-crowned Euphonia

    Euphonias are an interesting assemblage of birds, for many years placed in a grouping with the tanagers (thraupidae), but in recent years assigned to the finches (fringillidae) as the endless game of taxonomic musical chairs seems to continue unabated.
    Two special attributes partly define euphonias. Their stomachs are especially adapted for eating mistletoe berries (and other berries)  and they build domed nests with side entrances. Nests are usually well concealed in epiphytic plants growing on tree limbs, on steep banks in nooks well surrounded by dense vegetation. 
     Spot-crowned Euphonia Euphonia imitans was commonly seen at the feeders at Las Cruces, Costa Rica. This species is endemic to Panama and Costa Rica. The male is a strikingly handsome little bird.

     The female no less so, and quite distinctive in plumage not resembling the male at all.

     We hardly saw this bird anywhere else so its distribution appears to be somewhat confined - or perhaps we just didn't roam around the area sufficiently to spot it elsewhere.


  1. Amazing looking bird, I'd never even heard of it before either.............

  2. Wonderful colours of the male, very vibrant and a sweet bird too.

  3. Very beautiful bird, especially the male.

  4. Brilliant photography David,can't wait to see more delights.

  5. Hi David.

    What a beautiful birds.
    That blue is really super nice.
    Beautiful pictures.

    Groettie frome Patricia

  6. A beautiful bird with beautiful bright colors in blue and yellow. I had never heard of Stains Noise Organist ~ !! That's why blogging is so beautiful because as you also learn to know many other birds of the world. Beautiful pictures David!

  7. Hello David
    the colors of bird are really amazing.
    Thank you for your discoveries.

  8. The male is a stunning little chap, quite beautiful As ever the female is not so exciting. I wonder why birds are so often like that. Diane

    1. The female needs to be camouflaged when sitting on the nest.

  9. That is a stunning bird -- and even the female is actually quite pretty in her camo garb. It would be hard to ID her as the same species though for an amateur.

  10. What a beautiful birds, David. As Helma writes, blogging is very instructive, it is also clear from your answer about why camouflage for the female bird. It's great to surf here on pictures and comments from birders. Gr Jan W

  11. Hello David, Wow again such amazing colord birds. So loveley! The combination of yellow and blue is facinating. And the lady bird is modest but stil so colorfull.

  12. Hi David,
    marvelous photos of this coloorful birds. Gorgeous !
    Best regards, Synnöve

  13. I think we had Yellow-crowned Euphonia in CR....fortunately the Garrigues and Dean field guide is available to help with this family!

  14. Great photos of these beautiful birds!