Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Harperman it's time for you to go.

Environment Canada Scientist
suspended for protest song

     Here is a link to a song created and performed by a scientist for Environment Canada who has now been suspended. What happened to free speech in this country? When did satire about a politician become such a heinous act?

     Please forward this to as many people as you can. 


  1. You're absolutely right! What happened to free speech? What happened to democracy? Why are Conservative candidates told not to attend all-candidate meetings or speak to the media! When are all these evil political machinations going to end!?

  2. Thanks for your support, Stew. Please share the song with your friends.

  3. Maybe it is time for us to truly understand we cannot talk freely...
    Democracy??? someone has to explain how it works... nowadays, it rather equals dictatorship :(
    I will forward this song David, thanks to bring it to our attention.
    You are welcome back here any time to go to Le Teich although hides n°11 and 12 (the best hides) will be closed for 3 months and who knows when the birds will dare come back... We are all quite cross!
    Huge hugs to share with Lady Miriam :)

  4. I make it a rule not to mix politics and birds on my blog. However, sometimes needs must and the environment is definitely political, especially in the EU where most members states just follow the rules which suit them.

  5. It is getting wors I am afraid. I am glad I grew up in the sixties and seventies and the World was open to all free thinking people and you could speak your mind without being punished. What are they (officials) afraid off?