Sunday, 14 June 2015

Peregrine Progress

     Our Peregrine Falcons Falco peregrinus are just about ready to fledge. In fact had it not been raining pretty much all day today I am pretty sure they would have launched into their first flight this morning. As it was, the air was heavy and moisture-laden with no late morning convection currents to give them the lift they need for their maiden voyage.
     The pictures gathered over the last few days are hardly paragons of photographic excellence but they serve to show the progress these four healthy youngsters have made. 

     Ironically, on the one opportunity I had to get all four young birds in the same shot, I had no memory card in my camera!
     Here are a couple of shots of the adults

     Since the pictures above were taken the chicks have left the nest box and are now wandering around the deck on the communications tower, all the while flapping their wings and flexing their flight muscles in anticipation of that first launch into the freedom of the skies.
     Everything is not Peregrine Falcons, however, and on an early morning walk around Columbia Lake I was surprised to come upon a couple of White-tailed Deer Odocoileus virginianus.

     At this time of year there is food aplenty for these browsers and they have a sleek, handsome appearance.

     A couple of Song Sparrows Melospiza melodia were foraging on grit on the path, and I saw several of them also carrying food, so breeding is evidently well underway.

     The woodlands are filled with spring flowers and blooms of every shape, colour and fragrance. I was especially struck by the Wood Anemones Anemone quinquefolia shown below,

     I'll be checking on the peregrines again tomorrow. Who knows what might have taken place by the time I get there?


  1. I'm sorry that it rained and that maybe have not seen the first attempts to the flight of birds.They are beautiful anemones. Regards.

  2. Cool shots of the Peregrines! So glad they are all doing so well! Wonderful post and photos.

  3. Hello David, How splendid they look these juveniel Peregrine Falcons. The best time for watching them is when they mastered their flying skills and learn from their parents to catch prey. It is great to know that on our different parts of the world the Falcons are going trough the same period of growing up. Nice to see you can enjoy also the beauty of the Wood Anemone. Love those White-tailed Deer. Great captures.
    Have a nice week,

  4. Nice of them to put a nestbox out for the Peregrines......................


  5. Hello David,
    Beautiful series of Peregrine.
    I hope you can still fledging shooting.
    Deer are also very beautiful.
    Best regards, Irma

  6. Hahaha, no card in the camera!
    I wonder to whom it never happened and it is funny how it always happens when the subject is out of the ordinary....
    Great picture anyhow, David and the White-tailed Deer are superb and quite different from our European deer and stags.
    Lovely post, hugs and abrazos to the both of you :)

  7. Wonderful photos! I love the falcons and the deer.

  8. Beautiful series, David. The photos of the White tailed deer are great.
    Seeing all four young Falcons must be exciting and also a big shock knowing there's no memory card.
    Gr Jan W

  9. Cool! We have to go check out the Peregrine nest here.

  10. So great to follow these birds, David. Too bad you had no memory card at that important moment. The deer are gorgeous. Are the Anemones still blooming in your area? They are so beautiful. Great series. Have a nice week. Greetings, Joke

  11. It's a great sight those young pegs preparing for life. It makes me think of the joy they will soon bring to bird watchers lucky enough to see them in action. After all my years birding a true Peregrine moment still takes some beating.

    Old age is a terrible thing so just check the essentials before you set off - money, passport, tickets, binos. Wife? - maybe not.

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  12. Wat jammer dat je gene geheugenkaart in je camera had. Hoe kon je dat nou vergeten!
    De valken zijn prachtig en ik zag in je nieuwste blog dan ook prachtige foto's van deze valken.
    Wat ook heel mooi is zijn je foto's van de witstaartherten. Dit zijn van die gouden momenten en is dan ook echt genieten :-)
    Groetjes, Helma