Friday, 29 May 2015

Peregrine Falcon (Faucon pèlerin) Chicks Banded

     Some of you may recall my earlier post about the establishment of a nest box for Peregrine Falcons Falco peregrinus in Kitchener ( 
     The nest was very successful and four healthy youngsters are now growing strong, tended to by attentive and hard-working parents. Recently these birds were banded by the Canadian Peregrine Foundation and a great deal of publicity accompanied the event.
     Here is the bander's tool kit.

   As is customary in situations like this the young birds are named, although I am not quite sure why this should be. Waterloo Region Nature had the option to pick one name and we chose Redbud for a female bird. The other names were selected by the host television station and were Ginnie and Chroma for two other females, and Reggie for the only male. 
     Each bird was carefully handled as the bands with their identification number were attached to one of the bird's legs.

     Unfortunately, due to a prior commitment I was unable to be present at the banding, but Dale Ingrey, the stalwart from our club who has been deeply involved with this programme for many years was there to represent us.

     All the while, the mother of the chicks, Mystery, was not happy with the whole sequence of events and screamed from above until her offspring were returned to the nest.

     The entire sequence was covered on CTV news that day and this picture shows Lyndsay Morrison, the weather reporter, Matthew Richards, a CTV producer, and Dale each holding a young bird.

     There is a webcam in operation where the birds can be viewed in real time. They are healthy, well-fed and we all earnestly hope destined for a long and productive life.
     All of the photographs were supplied by Don Thomas and I appreciate being able to use them on my blog.


  1. Hello David,
    Great to see that the young birds are so well grown.
    Every young bird in the hand, is nice for the photo.
    I wish you a very nice weekend.
    Best regards, Irma.

  2. Hello David, great to see that four healthy chicks got their Jewels as well. Pitty you could not be present.

  3. Awesome post, So glad the chicks are doing well. Happy weekend!

  4. Thanks to Mr Thomas we are able to see the banding on your blog. Top!
    Beautiful pictures. Gr Jan W

  5. Beautiful images of the Peregrine chicks.

  6. In some cases, banding is necessary to follow a rare species especially considering the nest was put up artifucially to help the birds.
    In Europe their numbers are increasing and it is a great thing.
    Lovely and posive post, David :)
    Abrazos para os dos!!!

  7. Beautiful and special to see this David.
    Beautiful pictures.
    Greetings Tinie

  8. A very intersting read David, thanks for posting it.

  9. Gran reportaje David, me ha gustado mucho. Un abrazo desde España.

  10. The chicks are adorable! Good luck for the future to them.

  11. There is obviously a great deal of local pride in their Peregrine Falcons. Rightly so for such a magnificent raptor. Watching a Peregrine in action is still a thrill and always will be.

  12. I often find it a pity that the birds are ringed but I understand it too. So you can keep the birds and birds eye :-) Very nice pictures :-)

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