Thursday, 26 March 2015

Checking out the Real Estate

     Recently I installed a brand new nest box in our back yard and it was not long before it was being examined carefully. The first prospector was a male House Sparrow Passer domesticus and he has been back quite often.

      This morning he went in and out several times and on one foray actually stayed inside the box for two or three minutes. Perhaps he still needs to convince his paramour that it is a suitable residence in which to raise a family.
      The other interested parties have been Black-capped Chickadees Poecile atricapillus and it seemed that at one point a mated pair were checking it out together. 

     One thing is for sure, if it becomes the choice of both species, there is little doubt that the House Sparrow is going to be victorious. However, we have another option for the chickadee, not yet installed, but used by chickadees to raise young two years ago.
      A Downy Woodpecker Picoides pubescens showed interest also, but I have not seen this species return.
      This duo of Mourning Doves Zenaida macroura seems to have formed a pair, for even though there were other doves in the area, this couple stayed together, aloof from their congeners.

      A male House Finch Haemorhous mexicanus is a handsome bird indeed and this individual looks ready for romance.

     Even this dorsal view gives a good idea of the quality of his plumage, no doubt a sure fire way to attract a mate.

     I'll be keeping a close eye on the next box to see exactly what happens, but I am sure that whichever species gains occupancy they will make fine companions for us.


  1. Nice shots David!!
    Funny that sparrows. Your last bird is very special. Nice to see.

    Best regards,

  2. Por aquí ya estamos colocando cajas nido para paseriformes y pequeñas rapaces nocturnas. Bonita entrada David, me ha gustado mucho. Saludos desde España.

  3. Wonderful series images, David.
    I hope that there are many birds at the nest box come up.

  4. Fantastic publication :)
    I really want to know who wins the new nest box ! ;)

  5. Super, great series, David!!
    I congratulate the winner and your followers for the beautiful pictures that they get to see.
    Gr Jan W

  6. Hi David,
    Many thanks for your very kind comments on my blog.
    It meant all the more that we had to put down our 2 loving dogs a couple of days ago.
    This is lovely and cheerful series, The House finch is really a beauty.
    You will have a ball watching the nesting frenzies of the birds around.
    Much love to share with Miriam

  7. I love the House Finch , he looks like the whole world is for playing with.

  8. Hello David, great series of the competition between the birds for the nest box. That House Finch is most wonderful with the red colour.
    Thank you for your reactions on my blog. Good that I made you laugh out loud with the picture of the Toads.

  9. Beautiful pictures you have of David there.
    Greetings Tinie

  10. Great birds and photos. I love the cute chickadee. Happy weekend!

  11. Must be nice to have such birds in the garden. House Sparrows are declining in NW Europe, they'll be more numerous in Canada soon.

  12. A good result with your housing development David. However it is obvious that you need to increase your production rate to cater for the wildlife that wishes to share your home. May I suggest a high-rise sparrow box with semi-detached units? Also an old hanging basket containing a few carefully chosen twigs placed strategically in the centrist part of a tree will perhaps result in those Mourning Doves taking up residence. There is no charge for my expert advice - on this occasion. Have a busy weekend with your saw and hammer.

  13. It will be interesting to hear what happens. You do have a variety of species in your yard.

  14. Many thanks David for your kind comment, your sweet words really meant a lot, especially since you knew our 2 dogs.
    Huge hugs to you both, I will keep you posted about the evolution of things here.

  15. Beautiful pictures David and some exciting with the hive! I am very curious who will inhabit this nest box and then hopefully in a few months, small birds :-)