Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Maple Leaf Forever

Canada's National Flag

     Several years ago we planted a Sugar Maple Acer saccharum in our back yard and it has progressed from a spindly sapling to a magnificent medium sized tree. This is what we see from our bedroom window.

     If anyone has ever wondered about the origin of the leaf on our national flag, this is it. 

     Although I am not given to overly patriotic feelings I am always stirred a little when I see the flag. Its simple image portrays an alliance with nature, and both our flag and our national anthem are free from jingoism and calls to arms, or statements that our country is superior to others. It is a peaceful symbol of a peaceful nation and one that evokes a great deal of resonance with its citizens.
     The flag will be fifty years old in February 2015 and it is quite remarkable the degree of opposition to it when it was first proposed by one of Canada's greatest sons, Lester Bowles Pearson, winner (very fittingly) of the Nobel Prize for Peace. Now, it is most ardently embraced by the very factions who fought so hard to prevent its adoption. It really has become a much loved symbol to all who live here, native born and immigrant alike. And long may it continue to be so.


  1. Brilliant tree, and nice comments about our flag. My first political letter was to the Prime Minister about a design for a new flag. I was about 15!

  2. Beautiful tree with beautiful colored leaves.
    Perfect photographed, my compliments.

  3. Gorgeous colors, Autumn is a lovely time of the year..

  4. That is a great post, David!
    I didn't know this flag was so young!
    I can't agree more with the symbolism of closeness to nature and free from "calls to arms, or statements that our country is superior to others"!
    We have a few maple trees on the property, and I think those leaves in the fall are quite spectacular!
    My thrill is to photograph dragonflies perched on them in autumn.
    Keep well, hugs to you and Miriam :)

  5. Bonito y curioso post, las fotografías muy bellas. Saludos desde España.

  6. Hello!
    I wondered why the leaf on the flag. Beautiful pictures of leaves. I wish you a nice day :)

  7. Really almighty gorgeous:-)))))))))
    Brilliant colors and the shape of the leaves are really fantastic.
    just wonderful!

  8. I can fully understand why the Maple sits so proudly on your national flag, David. The fall colors of your own tree are truly beautiful, and the shape of the leaves is wonderful.

    Your post had me looking for the words to your national anthem - I see what you mean!!

    Best wishes to you both. - - - Richard


  9. Fajny widok zza oknem, dobrze jak liście się w takiej barwie długo utrzymają na drzewie :-)


  10. Stunning colors of the leaves !
    Best regards, Synnöve