Sunday, 7 September 2014

Annual Cicada

Annual Cicada
4 September 2014

     At this time of year the constant background refrain of cicadas is a familiar sound in southern Ontario. Rarely, however, do the insects seem to reveal themselves. Miriam and I were sitting on the patio when this one landed close by.

     Neither of us knew what it was and a search of the literature did little to elucidate the situation. Thanks to Mike Burrell for help in identifying this creature.
     It belongs in the genus Tibicen which contains a large number of cicadas in varying colour morphs and the precise taxonomy as to species level is far from clear.
     The Latin word Tibicen means flute-player or piper - a pretty adequate description of this musician it seems to me. It certainly added an interesting aspect to a pleasant summer afternoon.


  1. Cicadas are the sound of summer in Melbourne. You did well to see and capture this one as I only see the cases they emerge from, never the insects themselves.

  2. Beautiful picture of this great Cicada.
    Very well photographed, David my compliments.


  3. I do not know these animals do not exist for me and everything, no one that would be so tremendous amount were heard and disturb peace in the night:-)

    Greets from Poland

  4. Beautiful photos and colors Cicada. I like "cicadas music"

  5. Hello David!
    What a surprise to discover this gorgeous cicada!
    We have them in the south-est of France but they are somewhat a little different!
    They emerge heavily about every 17 years. A strange life cycle!
    Hugs to the both of you!

    1. Hi Noushka: We have seventeen year cicadas in North America too. They are in the genus Magicicada and are a different species from the annual cicada described above. Ah, the wonderful world of insects! Hugs to you too.

  6. As you know we don't have many (if any) cicadas here in Lancashire. I enjoy seeing and hearing them in Spain. Fascinating creatures which would frighten anyone to death if they were as large as your picture of this one might suggest!

  7. I think cicadas are such amazing looking creatures and your photo really highlights their beautiful markings.

  8. What a particular insect but nice to see.
    I've never seen him.

  9. Merci David de votre passage sur mon blog! Voir une belle cigale canadienne retient mon attention. C'est une chance de pouvoir la photographier . Chez nous dans le sud de la France, elles ont fini de chanter, l'été est fini! Il faudra attendre juin prochain pour les entendre!